Nurture Your Summer Mindset

Healthy habits should be maintained throughout the year. But for many of us, we fall off at the season changes; especially Winter. Am I right?

As we really get into the Summer months, let’s refocus and get our mindset right so we can build and maintain our healthy lifestyle during these sunny and warm days!

Think About Your Nutrition

Yes, what we eat takes thought! As it gets warmer, and we continue to workout and exercise, we have to HYDRATE even more than usual. Make sure you’re calculating correctly and getting your daily dose of water intake. Bodyweight divided in half equals the amount in ounces of water you should be drinking. I’m 150. Half of that is 75. So, I should be consuming 75 ounces of water on the daily. Do the math and it makes it much easier than trying to estimate. My best advice, grab yourself a sturdy water bottle that holds this amount, or close to it, and you’ll take the guess work out of staying hydrated throughout the day!

Also, when it comes to nutrition, think about getting in as much nutrient-dense foods. And with Summer, there are plenty of ‘summer’ foods to go around! Of course, many will snacks and other treats (cocktails and such), but you can swap out a few to make it fit into your nutrition goals. If you want a cocktail, don’t do the pre-mixed stuff. Create your own sangria type of drink with wine and seltzer. Add berries and/or kombucha to it as well for a tasty, healthier, treat!

Stay Positive

Too many people shrug off positivity because they want to sit in the pity party of negativity for too long. I get it, it feels good because then people will come to your rescue and pump you up. But that’s a fleeting moment. The goal is stay pumped AT ALL TIMES! I’m not saying to not address any negative feelings you may experience, but take control of your feelings so those moments come up less and if they do, you can climb your way out faster!

So for the Summer, let’s get our mind right and stay positive when it comes to our healthy life!

One positivity hack is to give yourself some love! Say something positive to yourself as soon as you wake up! Then say something positive to the first few people you encounter. The feeling is magical and will set your day up for success.

And remember to always think about the fact that you GET TO exercise, not that you HAVE TO exercise. It’s a blessing that we can move, no matter how much that means for you. So go into your workouts (and these other tips) with love for your body. Do it because you want to give your body it’s best!

Get Your Rest

Make sure you’re resting. Summer time means longer days and more activities. With more sunlight during the days, we’ll take every advantage of it and do as much as possible. But this leads to burnout! And when we’re tired, guess what happens… we get fussy and head toward negative thoughts and feelings.

Get your sleep on! 7-8 hours per night! Don’t skimp on this. Even if it’s still light outside when you go to bed or the sun is already up when you wake up, lay down, turn off your devices, and get some shut-eye.

Rest and sleep is when our bodies regenerate and recover so we have to prioritize this for ourselves especially if we’re running around during our long summer days!


Although it might sound like a lot of things to keep track of, and even overwhelming at times, don’t get too caught up in all of this. It’s Summer and that means it’s time to enjoy ourselves a bit. You’ll be surprised at the fact that, once you start doing these things consistently, they actually BECOME FUN TO DO!

That’s it for now! Head on over and get a workout in!


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