Did you know? May 3, 2022

Welcome to May!

A few things…

  1. FREE, FREE, FREE! I announced the launch of The Tony Jacobsen Foundation, which has now enabled me to offer this platform FREE to members! We have many members who have been paying and supporting the platform since we launched and I’m pleased that the majority of you have stuck with your current plan to show your continuing support! There’s even been a few larger donations already from members and that’s exciting news because that means we can start to expand the platform at a faster rate! If you haven’t, would you consider donating?
  2. COMMUNITY! You’ll notice there is now a ‘Community’ space for us to chat with each other here on #UNBREAKABLE Body! [Located in the top navigation] This is the perfect spot for us to stay focused on what’s important and not have to worry about any algorithm messing up our chances of actually seeing conversations. Jump in and introduce yourself. This is a safe space and I want everyone to feel comfortable sharing, asking questions, and supporting one another. This healthy living journey starts with us individually but it takes a team to keep it running!
  3. PUTTIN’ THE BAND BACK TOGETHER! You’ll see a new set of Resistance Band workouts coming onto the platform over the next few months. Resistance bands are a great way to do safe strength training. Here’s all the resistance band workouts thus far.
  4. COACHING CALLS! Did you know you get a discounted rate on one-on-one coaching calls with me? Head over to the page and book one now if you’d like to discuss your current status and get some guidance on how best to achieve your health and fitness goals!

As always, you can reach out with questions via the contact page.

That’s it for now. I’ll see ya in your workouts!


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